Cloud to Cable

Bring your Music, TV & Video content to a different level, and more importantly address millions of subscribers in Cable TV operators worldwide.

Cloud to Cable TV effectivley opens markets for content monetization with traditional Cable TV systems covering 900M subscribers around the planet..

Cloud to Cable TV enables quick and easy broadcasting of media content to massive systems found on Cable and Satellite Systems and all mobile and web platforms.

Cloud to Cable is the true multi-platform experience to broadcast Music & TV channels to all platforms from mobile, to web, to IPTV, and to Cable and Satellite systems all in one stop shop.

“The true multimevia experience”


Streaming for Cable & IPTV Operators

Streaming is easier with Cloud to Cable TV. Cloud to Cable  is a technology designed to broadcast & stream  Music, TV, and Video.

Most of these services now reside in the cloud and are not taking advantage of content monetization with Cable TV partners.

Cloud to Cable connects services that reside in the cloud with IPTV or Cable TV operators and viceversa.

Now with Cloud to Cable, any cloud-based streaming platform can be broadcasted and streamed to Cable TV & Satellite operators, opening more opportunities for monetization.

“Mevia Music and Music for Cable are products powered by Cloud to Cable.”

All music and video content will also be available to mobile devices thru our mobile application. Broadcasting is easier in many ways that you never thought possible.

Cloud to Cable TV is a true multi-platform technology that facilitates broadcasting and monetization to Music, TV, and video owners. We call this “multimevia” experience.


Music for Cable : Streaming for Cable Operators

Music for Cable TV is a musical service offering 50 to 1000 high-fidelity channels available to Cable TV operators,  also available to IPTV systems, OTT Platforms, and other Internet-based systems.   The “Music for Cable TV” product is powered by “MEVIA Cloud to Cable“.

Music for Cable TV offers to Cable & Satellite systems a fully multi-platform musical service available to mobile devices, web, IPTV, and all connected devices.

After an operator purchases our service,  we will ship a cloud-based appliance provisioned with music and video content. The server is ready-to-broadcast to your system and all platforms. We can also provision your own cloud-based TV system.

Get our “multimevia” streaming experience for all your customers with music videos, concerts, performer interviews, karaoke, all  provided by our server powered by Cloud to Cable TV and ready for your broadcasting operations.

Music Server for OperatorsFor a server specification, download the PDF at
Music for Cable Appliance and for more musical line-up offerings, you can reach us at 



Second Patent for the Cloud to Cable TV Portfolio

Second Patent – Allowed for Cloud to Cable  A 2nd set of patents were allowed on September 3rd, 2019 and that means that several claims that cover MPEG and HTTP Live Streaming broadcasting. The following summary of inventions and claims for the following inventions: MPEG Broadcasting – DVB MPEG 2-way broadcasting HTTP Live Streaming Fault-Tolerance …

Cable TV Platform with Music and Video Channels

Cloud to Cable is the one stop shop multi-platform media distribution for web, mobile, and Cable TV systems. Cloud to Cable enables a cloud-based infrastructure to be connected with Cable TV head ends or Multi-System Operators (MSOs), just as Comcast, AT&T, CLARO, TIGO Home, among thousands of Cable/Satellite systems around the world with over 1 …


Cloud and Cable TV was called MEDIAMPLIFY.®   Our platform brings together two usually divided worlds, Web//OTT and Cable TV, as a one unique distribution system.

Cloud to Cable enables Music and TV & Video distribution fast, reliable and easy to all mobile devices, Smart TVs,  connected dongles, and Cable systems, all in one stop show. For that purpose, EGLA also has its own mobile application for iOS and Android providing a unique experience for music and video & TV.  

We work with many headend systems from Arris to Ericsson.

We offer quick integration to Amazon, Azure, and on-premise providers from docker to VmWare or XenServer.

Our engineers can white-label this platform or license our technology to you.