5G TV Broadcasting with Cloud to Cable

5G TV Broadcasting with Cloud to Cable is streaming music and video or linear TV, Cloud to Cable is the perfect match for NFV.

Companies like Verizon Wireless and many others, including Open Network Foundation (ONF) is moving to a virtualized environment. Verizon itself is creating a “Software-defined Network” (SDN) with “Network Function Virtualization” (NFV),



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In the process of integrating broadcasting to 5G, Cloud to Cable is the perfect solution for that process. 5G will enable multi-Gbit sessions that can combine or mix HTML and video & audio in broadcasting streams for mobile and systems like 5G Cast.

Observe, that Cloud to Cable creates a broadcasting entity that receives HTML content and broadcasts content to receivers where HTML and video+audio are combined into one stream.

Our appliances or VM instances can function both on SDN’s for 5G or even 4G, as long as it is IP-based. However 5G, provides appropriate network slicing to multicast content just as in other broadcast networks as in ATSC 3.0 or Cable Docsis 3.0.

You can read more about it here:

Network Slicing with CloudtoCable and 5G

Cloud to cable provides a mechanism to connect HTML with the broadcasting network, to a 5G Network slice for broadcasting. But, what is Network Slicing?

Network slicing is a far-reaching concept proposed to address the wide range of 5G use cases. But already in current networks we have the notion of existing and emerging network slicing. One obvious example is the use of different APNs for different services. These APNs may even be allocated to dedicated (physical) PGWs to provide additional security and resource separation between the “slices”.

SDN – 5G by Verizon – Pg. 108

Cloud to cable fits with the “Broadcast Multicast Service Center”  (BMSC) or “Broadcast Network Function” (BNF).  One of the network slices created in 5G will be allocated for broadcasting and will be Cloud to Cable TV’s broadcasting stations.

As shown below, Cloud to Cable is capable of merging movies, javascript widget, HTML Layouts (with CSS), and audio in combination ready for broadcasting for 5G, Web, Cable TV, and NextGen TV.

You can install our Cloud to Cable TV instances in your SDN or you can install an appliance, fully dedicated to function also with virtualized instances using XenServer or Docker instances.  Completely compatible with OpenRAN or other SDNs. 

MEVIA Box Appliance

All in one platform, Cloud to Cable TV. As shown in the following figure, all videos, movies, javascript and HTML can work all together with Cloud to Cable and all the MEVIA applications for iOS, Android. 


The Appliance

We can collocate an appliance that can be controlled and added hardware to a private cloud or an SDN. NFV can be also interfaced using OpenRAN and provides API access as defined in the 5G 3GGP Rel-15 specification.