CLOUD to CABLE Intellectual Property Portfolio

Cloud to Cable TV – Intellectual Property Portfolio

Cloud to Cable TV is the platform that makes it easy to send music channels, video channels, video on demand, and any other multimedia streaming content to millions of subscribers.  Cloud to Cable enables a friendly distribution system for media owners, content providers, to subscribers in IPTV, Cable TV, OTT, or even satellite operators.

Mobile and Cable TV distribution

We have developed a technology that sim greatly simplifies multimedia delivery of deliver music & TV content to cable operators and mobile devices, all in one-stop shop. Upload your content to our online drive or cloud storage, and get ready for distribution and monetization.;

Our intellectual property portfolio includes the following assets:

  • US patents
  • European patents
  • Software and trade secrets

Our patented innovative technology is called:    CLOUD to CABLE

In essence, cloud to cable brings value by bringing to you, an easy way to do:

  • Music broadcasting to Operators, mobile, IPTV, cable TV, or even satellite,
  • Modern virtualization and cloud technologies integrated into our software, 
  • Broadcasting with fault-tolerance, ready for high-reliability, and great quality of service. 
  • Parallel transcoding meaning you can deliver 5, 10, 50, even 100 music or TV channels depending on the hardware chosen, number of instances, and bandwidth purchased from us, 
  • Web-based approach, yes all is web-based, no funky DIGICIPHER II, MPEG TS, or any of that, all if works on the web, works with Cable TV, Satellite, all and all.
  • Interactive and VOD integration
  • TV & Music all in one Platform

PDF file with our presentation slide deck:

CloudtoCable Intellectual Property – Nov 2018


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